Taking the time to properly plan your estate will ensure the most responsible management of your assets and affairs when you are no longer able to make those decisions, due to incapacity or death.

We can help you craft a will that is concise and clear, ensuring the most effective and orderly transfer of your property upon death.  Not preparing a valid Will or creating a poorly drafted Will can lead to considerable confusion, frustration, and ultimately conflict for those left to manage your affairs after you pass away. Poorly drafted wills are a common cause for family discord. The best plan for you and your loved ones is to get organized now, to protect your estate during your lifetime - as well as after it.

Constructing a valid Power of Attorney is an important tool for managing your financial and administrative affairs should you become mentally incapable of doing so through age, accident, or declining health. A well-crafted Power of Attorney will ensure that someone you trust is effectively and efficiently able to handle your affairs when you are not able to do so.  

Similarly, authorizing a Personal Directive will ensure the right decisions are made regarding your health and well-being should you become mentally unable to make those decisions for yourself. A Personal Directive will provide clarity regarding serious health decisions and closure for end-of-life care.

We also provide assistance to Executors and Trustees in Administering Trusts and Estates, obtaining Letters of Probate and Letters of Administration.